""Truth and grace extend to us the chance to stand united against the perils that are just around the bend.

To survive as a nation, we will need the wisdom and good will of every last one of us.

  -  Kerry Johnson


     In the late 90s, Kerry Johnson, began seeking a publisher for her novel, “One Man.”  What she got was a pile of glowing rejections.  One message became clear: her novel was too conservative for secular publishers and too secular for Christian publishers.  Reluctant to be pushed out of the literary mainstream, she founded HARPAZO Publishing, Inc. to fill the Conservative Fiction hole in the secular market.   Then, unwilling to neglect her primary calling as wife and mother, Kerry set her publishing aspirations aside until her children were out of high school.  She never stopped writing.

     Born the second of five to Robert H. and Anne L. Lang of Sparta, New Jersey, Kerry Johnson attended Catholic schools as a child.  In 1977, her family relocated to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, after a brief season of living overseas.  She soon returned to the Northeast, however, earning her Bachelor of Science in Theatre and Communications from Northeastern University in Boston.  In 1987 she returned to Hilton Head to marry the prominent South Carolina attorney, Barry L. Johnson.  They raised their two children in neighboring, Bluffton where they reside, happily, to this day.  

    Kerry also has two beloved stepchildren who have blessed her with six wondrous grandchildren.