City Sally of Savannah is about to prance into her next carriage tour adventure. She’s full of Southern charm and fascinating facts about Savannah that are sure to surprise and entertain young visitors from near and far.  

Monster dragonflies, a giant lizard and a heap of humility! Find out what else awaits these six renegade buffalo when they discover a break in the fence. The Great Bluffton Buffalo Stampede is on the zany, true story from Bluffton, SC.

Born to the sixteen-year-old Ruth, Joab Johnson is the third generation to be raised in a fatherless home. After getting his high school girlfriend pregnant, Joab enters college with a wife and baby. There he meets the beautiful and independant Lesa Shemisaki. Seduced by the glamor and privilege of Lesa's world, Joab's children seem destined to lose their father until . . . Joab's daughter pays tthe price for a bad drug deal. Now Joab is mad -- mad enough to fight to reclaim his family. Then, Joab makes a decision that will change the course of their lives and the course of a nation.

The Trouble with Cowbirds will challenge your young one to begin to consider the duties and responsibilities of being a good citizen, a good neighbor, and (someday) a good parent. This powerful little parable will reinforce the "self-evident truths" critical to self-governance in a free society.Delightfully illustrated, discover what IS the trouble with cowbirds.

My Duty to Offend is a fearlessly truthful political commentary on our history since 9/11. In it, Kerry Johnson defiantly storms the fortress of Political Correctness as she addresses her countrymen with dauntless candor and relentless common sense.